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Case study: Pedestrian control and boom gates

Using boom gates for effective pedestrian safety around a building site  

A building site located in a busy suburban area was faced with the challenge of making its entries and exits accessible yet safe. Every time trucks needed to enter or exit the site, there was a potential safety issue for pedestrians using the surrounding footpaths.After careful consideration of the options available, a number of boom gates were installed to block the footpath whenever a truck needed to enter and exit the site.  These boom gates were installed with a pre-warning sounder and light. When the traffic controller presses the button on the remote control the light and sounder come on warning the pedestrians the boom gates are closing. Once the boom gates are closed the trucks can enter or leave as required.  After the vehicles have passed through, the traffic controller can open the boom gates with the remote control.

An additional benefit of using boom gates is they can be unbolted and moved to the next building site when needed, saving time and money, and ensuring the ongoing safety of pedestrians and truck drivers.

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This situation is very unlikely as the equipment would have to be the same brand and there are 3 million possible codes.